Senin, 05 April 2010

Community language learning

Community language learning advises teachers to consider their students as ‘whole person’. Whole person learningmeans that teachers consider not only their students’ intelect, but also have some undrstanding of the relationship among students’ feeling, physical reactions, instinctiveprotective reactions, and desire to learn.
Some of the activities are:

1. The teacher greets the students, introduce himself, and has the students to introduce themselves to build a relationship
2. The teacher tells the students what they are going to dothat evening and explains the first activity procedure and sets a time limit so the students have an idea what will happen in each activity and feel more secure
3. Students use language for communication through a conversation
4. The teacher stands behind the students as due to his superior knowledge. The students’ learning is facilitated, the threat is increased if the teacher remain the front of the class room
5. The teacher translates what the students want to say in chunks to give them what they need to be succesful and be sensitive to students’ level of confidence
6. The teacher tells them that they have only a few minutes remaining for the conversation; that make students more secure to know the limits of an activity
7. Students are invited to talk about how they felt during the conversation. Sharing about their learning experience allows learner to get to know one another and built community
8. The teacher accepts what each student says in order to create an accepting athmosphere where learners feel free to lower their defense and learning experience becomesless threatening
9.The teacher understands what the studentssayThe teacher counsels the students ; doesn’t for advise but rather shows them that he is really listening to them and understand what they are saying
10. The students listen to the tapeand give the Indonesian translation. Students feel more secure when they undrstand everything because the native language is used to make the meaning clear
11. The teacher ask the students to form a semicircle in front of the blackboard so they can see easily because it’s the teacher responsibility to clear structuring activities to succeed the completition of the activity
12. The teacher reassures the students that they will have time later on to copy the sentences. Learning at the beginning stages is facilitated if students attend to one task at a time
13. The teacher ask the students to give the Indonesian equivalents as he points to different phrases in the transcript. The teacher encourage the students’ initiative and independence
14. The teacher reads the transcript three times when the students relax and listen because students need quiet reflection time in order to learn
15. The students learn to listen carefully to see if what they say matches what the teacher is saying. Student need to learn to discriminate, for example, in perceiving the similiarities and differences among the target language forms
16. Students work together in group of three. In groups, students can begin to feel a sense of community and can learn from each other as well as the teacher
17. The teacher corrects by repeating correctly the sentence the students have created. The teacher should work in a non threatening way with what the learner has produced
18. The students read their sentences one to another member of the class it can built trust and can help to reduce the threat of the new learning situation
19. The teacher plays the tape two more times while the students listen. Retention will best take places somewhere in between novelty and familiarity when the material is too new or conversely, too familiar

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