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Tugas Penulisan Bahasa Iklan

Communication Laboratory

B. Give at least one synonym

1. Exact >< Accurate 2. Commemorates >< Celebrate 3. Defend >< Keep 4. Keep >< Constant 5. Slant >< Product 6. Speed >< Hurry 7. Shape >< Form 8. Test >< Exercise 9. Choice >< Option 10. Brave >< Courage D. Change the Following negative statements into positive statements
1.Please remember the sales meeting at the end of the month
2.Succeed to ship this order by airfreight.
3.You miss date to provide a delivery
4.We are pending your order because our plant is closed until July 15.
5.Keep the product quality
6.Don’t anger customers by being late for an appointment.
7.We will act your request next.
8.We will remember your special request.
9.We will know our prices at April 1.
10.Always remember a costumer’s preference

Vocabulary and Spelling studies

A.Four words have similar meaning, which word is the intruder.
1.Offend ( menghina ) ; entreat, beg, implore (mengimbau)
2.Blossom, bloom, flower (berbunga) ; forbid ( melarang )
3.Fabricate, fashion, shape (membuat/cara) ; dodge (muslihat)
4.Meddle ; invent (menciptakan) ; interfere, tamper (ikut campur)
5.Revise ; denounce (menuduh) ; correct, remedy (memperbaiki)
6.Coarse, gross (kasar) ; refined (olahan) ; crude
7.Guarded, wary, watchful (hati-hati/waspada) ; open (terbuka)
8.Exception ; principle (prinsip) ; rule, regulation (peraturan)
9.Routine, customary (teratur) ; irregular (tidak teratur) ; uniform
10.Speculate, theorize, guess (perkiraan) ; validate (mensahkan)
11.Hide (menyembunyikan) ; disclose, communicate, tell (terbuka)
12.Knowledge, learning (pengetahuan) ; fiction (fiksi) ; information
13.Significant, meaningful (pasti/jelas) ; unimportant (tidak penting) ;serious
14.Complicated (rumit) ; elementary, basic, pure (dasar)

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