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The Grammar Translation Method

Grammar-Translation Method or it called the Classic Method first time it was used in the teaching of the classical language, Latin and Greek (Chastain 1988). This method was used for the purpose of helping student read and appreciate foreign language literature. Finnaly foreign language learning would help students grow intellectually; it was recognized it that students would probably never use the target language the mental exercise of learning it would be beneficial anyway.

As we enter the class room, the class, the class in the middle of reading a passage in except entitled ‘The Boys’ Ambition’ from Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi

What are the goals of teacher who use the Grammar Translation Method ?
A fundamental purpose learning a foreign language is to be able to read literature writing in the target language. In addition, it is believed that studying foreign language provides students with good mental exercises which help the develop their minds.

What is the rule of the teacher? and what is the rule of the students?
The roles are very traditional. The teacher is the authority in the class room. The student do as she says so they can learn what she knows
How is the language viewed? How is culture viewed?
Literary language is considered superior to spoken language and is therefore the language that students study.

What is the Role of the students native language?

Written tests in which students are asked to translate from their native language to the target language or vice versa are often used.

Translation of Literary Passage
Student translate a reading passage from the foreign language into their native language.

Reading Comprehension Questions
Student answere question in the target language based on their understanding of the reading passage.

Students give one set of words and are asked to find antonyms in the reading passage.

Students are taught to recognize between the languages by learning the spellingor sounds patterns that correspond between the languages.

Deductive Application Rule
Grammar rules are presented with examples.

Student are given a series of sentence with words missing.

Student are given list of target language vocabulary words and their natives language equivalences and are asked to memorize them.

Use Words in Sentences
In order to show that students understand the meaning and use of a new vocabulary item, they make up sentences in which they use the new words.

- The class is reading an article from book, the student will be able to read literature written in a foreign language. Literary language is superior to spoken language.

- Translate the articles, an importan goal is for student to be able to translate each language into the other.

- The teach ask the students in their native languages, principles it to train the ability to communicate in the target language is not agoal of foreign language instruction.

- Student write out the answers to reading coprehenshion questions, the primmary skill to developed are reading and writing.

- The teacher decides wether an answer is correct or not, the teacher authority in the classroom. It is very immportant that the student get the correct answer.

- Students translated new words from foreign language to native language, its possible to find the native language equivealentes for all target language words.

- Student are given a grammmar rules of phrasal verbs, students learns from of the target language.

- Student apply a rule to examples they are given, deductive application of an explicit grammar rules is a useful pedagogical technique.

- Students memorize vocabulary, learning providers good memntal exercise.

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